Glenridding- Day Four

Sods Law never lets me down – the best weather day and it is time to go home! But I wasn't going leave without an adventure.

I'd read in Wainwright's book about a path up to Glenridding Dodd, which wasn't marked on the OS map. This was therefore going to be an ideal route to getaway from all the Sunday Family walking geeks.

Starting at the lakeshore the unmarked path went up Glencoyne Wood. The view of the Lake was hidden from view until we got above the treeline, which made it even more surprising as we looked back towards Pooley Bridge. Glenridding Dodd at this time of year is coated in bright purple heather – I'd been admiring it from my tent all weekend so it was nice to get closer. The path then went to Heron Pike and on to Sheffield Pike, joining a marked path leading to Stybarrow Dodd. But we didn't have time to do the latter so regrettably we return to camp via 'Lucy's Tongue' near the old quarry which used to operate below Sheffield Pike.

We sat on top of Sheffield Pike for quite a while just watching all the ants as they made their way up Helvellyn. Before I left camp I'd spoken to a lady and her daughter who were going up Helvellyn via Striding Edge so they could get a good Facebook profile picture……The more I hear about the image you have to portray of yourself in order to feel accepted the more I appreciate the unconditional love and understanding of my dog!

I didn't want to leave that spot on Sheffield Pike. It was so peaceful. So I made a special effort to drink it in so I could draw on it later on once I'd come off the high (yes, fell walking is a drug).

And that was it, over for another week. Back home to five days of clock watching until I could get back outdoors exploring again.

It left me wondering how I'd cope with normal weekends…..

Photos of this walk below….

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2 thoughts on “Glenridding- Day Four

  1. The answer to your question is never to have a normal weekend

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