Glenridding, Day One

Day One, Glenridding

This walk was taken whilst staying at Gillside Farm Campsite, which I reviewed here.

I arrived late in the day on Thursday having been at work in the morning. The weather was reasonable, my aim was to have a decent walk before tea, knowing the weather the next day was going to be poor. I knew I needed a climb, steep and rewarding to make myself feel me again after a stifling week in the office. I basically walked out of the campsite and climbed the first hill I could see, this turned out to be Birkhouse Moor, via Miresbeck. Everyone else was coming down, it being late in the day, which meant the tops would be quiet. Brilliant! The views to Ullswater were fantastic. Once on the top the cool breeze took me back, I only had my Thermalball, it was chilly! Still, I had summit fever and the peak of Catsycam looked far too attractive for me not to climb. I past Red Tarn and took the path up to the top. What a view! And Wainwright was right…..the peak is one of the best. You don't see the views until you get right to the top making it all the more rewarding. 5pm, summit to myself. The contrast of where I was compared to at 12pm was stark. It is like a different world, one I know I was meant to be in. A solitary crow flow past, the noise of the wind traveling through its wings should be taped and played to stressed out workers! I made my way back to the campsite via Glenridding Common. The evening sun set behind Raise, a near perfect evening to sit out and enjoy Lakeland.

Photos below….and day two to follow….

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