Willow Bundling

On Wednesday I took advantage of the ‘Wish Day’ Wyndham offer. 

The Yorkshire Dales River Trust is a charity that works closely with The Yorkshire Dales National Trust and The National Trust to maintain, preserve and protect the River Wharfe. It’s funded mainly by the National Lottery and relies on volunteers to help with projects and research. 

Along with two others I helped to rebuild a bank along the river at Starbotton that had been badly damaged by flooding in the winter. We had to cut down some willow from the opposite side of the river and bundle them up with string to make long ‘parcels’ to thread around posts which had been banged in place along the bank. Once we had done this we secured everything in place with wire. The aim is two-fold – to prevent further erosion of the bank and to provide extra habit for insects, fish, birds and otters. Although the willow has been cut down from the tree, each branch laid in the water will continue to grow. 

It was hot work (in attractive waders) but very satisfying. Hopefully our work will mean the river doesn’t encroach on the surrounding farmland and footpath (The Dales Way runs adjacent), and the population of otters will continue to thrive

Here are a few photos…..

I wish I were stronger so I could help more, and I wish I could just do volunteer work for groups who protect and maintain our countryside. One day…one day…

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