Aysgarth Falls Campsite

They say location is everything but I chose this campsite purely for one reason, it is child free! An adult only campsite, and they accept dogs. After a quick google search there are hardly any in Yorkshire or the Lakes so you can’t really be choosy with location. But actually this campsite turned out to be a great base, as well as THE place to go on a busy bank holiday.


As the name suggests the campsite is adjacent to Aysgarth Falls, behind the pub of the same name. It is situated on the main road between Leyburn and Hawes so you might think there would be some traffic noise but the field is behind the pub, in a small dip, and with the gentle whirling of the Falls its a very peaceful.


The campsite is owned by the pub. I had prebooked because it was a bank holiday but you can just turn up. The ‘welcome’ sign if you want to call it that tells you rather abruptly that you must check in before going in – fair enough. The staff were pleasant and showed me the facilities. The only thing I didn’t like was that I wasn’t allowed to choose my own spot. I always like to select my place, it can mean the difference between a great stay and a lacklustre one. But actually he selected a great place, right in the corner, nice and flat, and out of the way.


The field is well kept, mowed and not muddy. There isn’t a lot of flat ground but enough for about 20 tents. The immediate views aren’t visible because of the woodland but if you walk to the top of the small hill you can see the fields and hills beyond.


The falls are constant. I really like listening to the water before I go to bed. Sometimes deadly silence is too much for me! The birds and sheep were out and about providing a nice background noise throughout the day. As I mentioned you can’t hear the road. I heard and owl in the night by the tree I was sleeping next to.


£7, a very reasonable price, I would happily pay £10.


There are three toilets in separate cubicles (like little sheds) and they were very clean all the times I went. There is a shower…but when I had one on the Saturday it was freezing! After about 2 minutes some warm water came out but it didn’t really come to much so that was disappointing. There are some washing up sinks and plenty of bins. The pub provides the perfect place to eat – lunch and dinner is served most days. There is a good shop and petrol station 10 minutes walk through a field. This is open 7 days, 7am-7pm. This was ideal for me – every night after my walk I passed by to get food and drink for the night. Hawes is 8 miles and has more shops (but actually in terms of amenities the petrol station is more than enough), and Leyburn is 7 miles – better selection of essential shops than Hawes….but don’t expect a Tesco or Asda.


On the last evening, I took Rooh out for her last walk before bed. The sun was setting, there were a few birds still singing while a quiet lull of people enjoying themselves rang out. If time had stopped then I would have been happy. I didn’t want to leave this campsite or the free from I feel from camping.

The fact it is child free is enough for me, but it offers much more too. A place to return so I can explore more of Swaledale, only 15 minutes drive. The wildflower meadows and old stone barns were beautiful and reminded me of my childhood. The site is small so I can’t imagine it would ever be noisy and their website confirms this, ‘if you can hear next doors radio it’s too loud! ‘. A great statement to carry forward.  




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