Turner Hall Farm, Seathwaite

Location – 5/5
For me this is easy. It’s the most secluded of all the campsites I’ve been to. It’s at least 8 miles from the nearest two lane road so the approach takes effort and planning. You need your supplies sorted and don’t even think about trying to use a mobile phone. Seathwaite is in between the valleys of Eskdale and Coniston. There isn’t much of anything inway of activities, attractions, pubs, shops, humans…..so its perfect for walkers and us introverts who crave peace. From the campsite you can walk over Walna Scar to Coniston (4 miles) and at the same time tackle that fell range. It’s a good path, green lane standard. Enjoy Seathwaite Tarn, walk over Harter Fell to Eskdale. Or cheat and take the car to Cockly Beck (4 miles) and ascend to the top of Scarfel. Alternatively just spend your time in your camping chair admiring the view. It’s so picturesque and quiet here, no modern day rubbish clouding the mind, that even I, who struggle to just sit, can enjoy doing nothing.
Greeting – 5/5

It’s one of those ones where you pitch up and someone comes and collects the money in the morning. I don’t mind this but do sometimes worry about them catching me getting dressed! The lady came about 9 and was really friendly. She said I could pay a night at a time or all in one go, getting refunded if I decided to go early. I was sure about staying three nights so paid all at once.

Price – 3/5 

It’s £5 per person but then its £1 for a dog and £1 for a car so £7 in all. Not bad at all but the showers are a pound a go which seems quite a lot. Saying that £21 for three nights of loveliness is nothing. It makes me wonder why people pay £100’s for a few nights in someone’s else’s home……

Facilities – 4/5

The outbuildings house six toilets with hot and cold taps, soap and mirrors (this is luxury compared to some sites!). There is a place for washing up and two cold taps for drinking water, doubling up nicely as a doggy wash! Showers are really good but you do have to pay £1 and its lasts 4mins. But after a long day and smelly feet its so nice to get all clean in a very powerful (can’t stand the ones that trickle out!) shower. Waste bins and recycling are plentiful. My pitch was a couple of minutes from the block but there was a porter loo in my field which was useful. Swings at the entrance for young…and old.

Pitch – 5/5

Its a characterful campsite in that there are three fields which are up and down, with random glacial boulders dotted about. A stream too, doubling as a beer chiller when i visited. The grass is well kept and there are plenty of hidy holes to choose from. It’s perfect for finding your little spot away from anyone! I chose the top field by a little stream.

Noise 5/5

I visited in peak season in relatively OK weather yet it wasnt overly busy and any noise was inaudible because I’d pitch by the stream. The thing about camping is that even at the quietest of sites people make noise in the morning. It’s hard to sleep beyond about 7am but here I slept in until 9am on all the mornings. A lesson for future trips, pitch by a stream or take earplugs.

Views 5-5

This is my type of scenery. It’s got all the interesting ex quarry scars, random milestone grit boulders, lush fern hillsides and ancient woodlands. All visible from the campsite. It’s a very varied landscape so every time you look out you see something new. It’s very beautiful.


My favourite for when I really, really want an escape. If you don’t have use of a car then you have to come prepared. But that’s fine. The quiet lanes, fells and pretty woodlands with waterfalls make this a good destination whatever the weather. Just walking along the ‘road’ is nice, so when it’s either horribly wet or blowing a gale the location can be enjoyed. The isolation, interesting pitches and great walks make it. Don’t tell anyone though, I don’t want the secret about this place getting out! Open March to November. I’ll be back soon!

And the walks I enjoyed nearby….


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