Cragg Farm, Horton

Location – 4/5This site is between Helwith Bridge and Horton in Ribblesdale. It is by the River Ribble and the Settle to Carlisle railway line. It’s accessed via a single track from Horton. No traffic whatsoever. There is a pub at Helwith Bridge which is 20 minutes walk along the river. Horton doesn’t have any shops (1.5 miles) but there is a cafe and pub. The closest amenities are at Settle, 5 miles. Walks include to Penyghent, Ingleborough, Settle and Austwick. 

Pitch – 4/5

There are three generously sized fields. One was well mowed but I chose the one with long grass. When it’s not wet I love the longer grass because it acts as an extra mattress! I came across quite a few stones and bent a peg but in general the soil is good. A bit bumpy so care has to be taken choosing the right spot.

Price – 5/5

£3 per person per night. No charges for dogs or cars. I’ve never found any cheaper.

Facilities – 4/5

A little ‘wash house’ has toilets. For the price I wouldn’t expect much else. No complaints.

Views – 4/5

Penyghent from the tent door is always nice to see. Endless fields and not much else. It was very windy when I visited but if it was still I think I would have been able to hear the river, not just see it. 

Noise – 4/5

The only reason this isn’t 5/5 is because it’s right by the train line. It’s not a very busy one but because there is pedestrian crossing closeby every train that passes seems to like to hoot it’s horn! But apart from that it’s very quiet. There were three other parties when I visited. When I walked to Horton the campsite there was chocobloco. This is the best for escaping the masses tackling the Three Peaks. No one seems to know about this one. The farmer doesn’t seem to advertise anywhere, ideal. 


I think I say this every weekend now….but I think this is my new favourite! It’s very quiet both in terms of people and traffic/urban noise. It’s at the end and start of my favourite walks around Ingleborough, Crummockdale and Clapham. Cheap as chips too.


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