Whernside from Winterscales

Most weekends I like to climb a decent fell. Camping at Chapel-le-Dale (see review in other post) I decided I’d climb Whernside. Unfortunately, more often than not, in peak season, there’s a charity walk doing the classic route. I’d normally avoid. But it gave me an excuse to try out the only ascent I haven’t done (there are six if you look closely!). Basically straight up from Winterscales Farm. From camp to summit, 90mins. No other walkers! Then we went down the opposite side into Kingdale. This is caving country! It scares me, there are two caving systems, Jingling Pot and Bullpot Banks which are near the path, totally open and with huge drops into the abyss! Yordus Wood is special and worth the diversion. I walked against the wind, along Turbary Road (a green lane) right down to Masongill Fell Lane. I would have gone via the Cheese Press Stone, it’s impressive, but I’ve been before and I wanted to take a different route. I skirted round towards Thornton Force Waterfall and back along the old Roman road, Oddie’s Lane. This follows the limestone paving of Twisleton Scars. Worth exploring on a different occasion. At Chapel-le-Dale you meet Jingle Pot again. It’s where the stream comes back to ground level again. A 15ish mile walk, returning just before the rain, good timing. 


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