Great Whernside, via Coniston

The normal route to Great Whernside starts at Kettlewell. You start climbing pretty much straight away and its nice, but its all and dusted in two hours which isn’t really much of a walk for a young Border Collie. I wanted to do something a bit different which took the best part of the day. Being sunny with a light breeze I wanted to be out all day and have a bit of an adventure. I love having no timescale or need to return at a certain time. And I wanted to do it without a map. You get more out of it if you get lost and have to find your way I think! 

My route started in Kettlewell where I was set to camp (see previous post!). It follows the Dales Way down stream towards Coniston then takes you up to a quarry/mining area labelled Coniston Moor on the map. Its quite rough on foot and boggy at times but it’s so quiet. It skirts around the back of Great Whernside. You approach it from behind and get great views of Angram Reservor, Scar House reservoir, Little Whernside and Riggs Moor.

The views from the top of Great Whernside are vast. I could see Whernside, Ingleborough, Penyghent, Fountains Fell and all the fells inbetween.

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2 thoughts on “Great Whernside, via Coniston

  1. Such beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Absolutely beautiful images.


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