Camping, Kettlewell (not Kettlewell Camping!)

Location – 4\5

For a small village Kettlewell has a lot of campsites! The main one is called Kettlewell Camping, the other is a CCS and doesn’t allow tents. The one I stayed at doesn’t have a name (hence the title of this review). Kettlewell Camping, I’m sure is a great site but it is very much for children, families and those looking for decent facilities. I, on the other hand, don’t fall into any of these categories. The site I stayed at is on the very edge of the village, along the road to Buckden. Blink and you’ll miss it. The location is great. It’s two minutes walk from three pubs, two cafes, two shops and a petrol station (old fashion style but perfectly functioning!). Being by the River Wharfe its on the Dales Way and has lovely places to picnic and relax. Walks up Great Whernside and Buckden Pike are popular. As are low level walks to Starbottom, Buckden and Grassington. Lots of eateries close by. Grassington is the nearest town, Skipton is also close.  

Greeting – 5\5

I’ve scored this highly because hens and sheep were my greeters. There is just a small sign with a phone number should you need to contact anyone. Payment is taken in the morning (as the animals are being fed!).   

Pitch – 4\5

The field is slightly slopping (more noticable when inside a slippery sleeping bag!). We pitched at the top. Cars are allowed in the field and its well drained and grazed. I went on a sunny summer weekend. There were only two other people. There was plenty of room to spread out and I felt like I had a whole field to myself (very smug since the other site was packed!).

Views – 3\5

The field backs onto fields with bear like sheep and hens always happy to be photographed. The river is just over the road and providing you face your tent the right way you can relax looking up the fell which leads to Arncliff.  

Noise – 4\5

Although by the road there isn’t a lot of traffic. The loudest things are the sheep and hens! I wasn’t disturbed because I’m so used to it. Very quiet otherwise.

Price – 5\5

£5 for adults and £3 for children. That’s it. No charge for dogs or cars. I like that children are less, not often seen.

Facilities – 3\5

I never know how to score this because I don’t WANT lots of facilities so I’m going on the basis of the quality of what they provide. There are two chemical toilets which I’ve never used before. Not a pleasant experience and would prefer ones that flush and have running water to wash your hands. The cold tap was fine, once I’d found it! 


I like this site. The honeypot theory really works here. Google Kettlewell and you’ll never find this place. You are directed to the large, much more expensive site. Ideal, everyone goes there and leaves this one for us quiet campers to use! I love the sheep and hens, the ideal neighbours and being on the edge of the village you arnt bothered by anyone. I’ll almost certainly return. It’s excellent for a walking base (see other post for the walk I did). You coukd almost use it as a parking place, £7 and upwards should you want to park in the YDNP car park. Improvements to the toilet facilities would be good although the ones in the village are close enough to use.   


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  1. What is the name of the Border collie? -Magic


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