Wild Camping, Ingleborough

This isn’t the first time I’ve camped truly ‘wild’ but it is the first time I’ve tested out my new kit and I also treated it as a trail run for my trip to the Lakes in two weeks.

I got off work a bit early and arrived at Austwick in the early evening, just as it started to rain! It didn’t come to much but it did mean I had a wet dog! My planned camping spot was about an hour and a half from where I parked the car. So off we went. Finding a flat area was a bit tricky and I thought i was being clever pitching by a wall for shelter. Lesson 1: don’t try pitching by a dry stone wall. Turns out the grass underneath is full of stone too! Good job the tent didn’t need to be that sturdy. 

My brother was right. The heaviest thing you have to carry is water. It would have been sensible to camp by a stream but this particular spot was where I wanted to be so we had a late evening walk to a stream for dog water. 

On returning to the tent the mist has really come down and the midgeys were biting. We retreated to the tent for an episode of Midsomer Murders.

I only had my thin sleeping bag and no pillow. I didn’t think the ground would be so cold!! I didn’t get to sleep until 2:30 and that was only after using my backpack as a very short matress and curling up in a featel position inside my sleeping bag thus nearly suffocating! Lesson 2: I need to carry a sleeping mat. 

I woke up at 7:30 surprisingly chipper. Must have been the view. Packing up was a breeze (at last, a tent with a decently sized sac) and having devoured both food and drink my bag was light! Lesson 3: I need to put on about a stone and carry some baked beans for the next month to prepare for backpacking. 

Having got back to the car safety I decided that that evening I would stay at an actual campsite! See my next entry for a review….

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